How BioRepublic is bringing vegan and cruelty-free beauty to Mexico

The days of vegan and cruelty-free beauty products being limited in Mexico are over. BioRepublic has officially launched in the Mexican market, bringing natural products and 100% clean alternatives. From glacial algae found on glaciers to snow lotus harvested in the Great Himalayas, BioRepublic uses ingredients from nature’s most extreme regions to protect your skin from nature’s most extreme elements. Whether you need repair from sun damage, intense hydration, or peptide therapy to strengthen the skin, BioRepublic’s diverse line of products has what you need—with zero toxic ingredients.

Glamour MX discusses how clean products will replace the hundreds of toxic ingredients present in the beauty industry, including in Mexico. Learn more about the power of nature’s ingredients, and how BioRepublic developed the first and only USDA certified organic sheet masks on the market—bringing rare ingredients to Mexico for the cleanest skincare experience.

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