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Nothing to do this summer? Here are 6 Active and Healthy Summer Activities

Now that summer is in full gear, gather your friends and family for some fun in the sun! Here are six active and healthy ways to have fun while also sticking to your fitness goals:


  1. Charity Bike Ride


Summer bike ride, charity event, and outdoor activity Interested in watching the bright summer sunrise? You may need to set your alarm a bit earlier than usual, but your time will go to a great cause and you’ll have the chance to enjoy a scenic bike ride. In Chicago, Bike the Drive is an annual cycling event for all ages to enjoy the beauty of the Windy City on the popular Lake Shore Drive. Can’t make it to Chicago? Dust off the bike in the garage and get a group together in your neighborhood. Peddle further by hosting a community bike-a-thon.


  1. Picnic in the Park


Skip the crowded brunch restaurants and take a trip outside instead.  Make an impressive sandwich, pack some healthy munchies, and lay back on a blanket in your favorite park to soak up some summer sun and enjoy the outdoors in all its glory.  Don’t forget your selfie stick to document all the fun!


  1. Boating

Now that summer is here, most of us will want to spend some time by the water. If you don’t have a yacht, don’t worry. More accessible options like a kayak or paddle board can provide a riveting time on your favorite body of water. Best of all, there are normally boathouses or clubs that will rent whatever equipment you need for an affordable price.


  1. Outdoor Movie

Summer Movie in the park at night with friends and familyWhat better way to enjoy a warm summer evening than at an outdoor film? Invite some friends or a special someone and have a night out on the town – but skip the indoor theater and go for an outdoor one instead.  Most cities have multiple options for a fun movie in the park, whether it’s a thriller or the latest romcom, there are options for everyone.


  1. Yoga

Summer Yoga in the park, healthy workoutsThis summer, channel your inner yogi! Towns and yoga studios are partnering up to
create a relaxing and rejuvenating experience all summer long. The events are for both newbies and experts alike. Starting the summer off with yoga will bring good vibes all season long. Now that is a reason to say Namaste!


  1. Farmer’s Markets

Summer Farmer's Markets, fresh fruit and veggies for a healthy summer dietFarmer’s markets are a summer staple and usually kick off with the season’s ripest fruit in May and June. A farmer’s market is the best place to shop for all your fresh summer produce like corn, watermelon, and berries. Family and friends will rave about the fresh produce at your outdoor BBQ. If you are in the big state of Texas, journey to North Dallas for a unique farmer’s market settled into the restored historic town of McKinney. All the farmers are local and show a southern hospitality that can’t be beat! This is a great time to check in with your healthy eating and incorporate several fresh and organic options into your summer recipes.  Just a few miles outside of most cities are operating farms where visitors can pick their own fruits and vegetables right off the vine! Search online for other great farm-to-table activities in your town. Best of all, farmer’s markets are usually MUCH cheaper than the grocery store, so what are you waiting for???


This summer, there’s no excuse to have an open calendar. Hopefully, these fun summer activities will spark your interest and help you kick off an unforgettable summer season! So get up and go enjoy all that summer has to offer!

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