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Whether you’re looking for a fun and effective way to target skin problems or just want to pamper yourself, BioRepublic is your holy grail for sheet masks. Our masks offer a concentrated dose of the good stuff you need, from aloe vera for gentle healing to hyaluronic acid for deep hydration. All you need to do is apply and relax – et voila, revitalized skin! 

Sheet Masks: Heal Good and Feel Good. 

Our vegan face masks are redefining standards of clean beauty. We soak our masks in serums featuring active ingredients that promote functions like collagen production or controlling excess sebum. With a variety of carefully crafted masks, we target skin concerns for all complexions, from young to mature and dry skin to oily skin – and yes, it's great for combination skin too!

Green Tea Detox Purifying Sheet Mask Sheet Mask BioRepublic

The BioRepublic Difference

Made of 100% biodegradable material, our masks aim to address common skin concerns like signs of aging, acne, fine lines, and irritation. Aside from feeling uber relaxed in the 15-20 minutes you have the mask on, they leave you feeling hydrated with instantly brighter and dewy skin. 

Whether used daily or weekly, masks are great for ingredient absorption since the sheet allows for all the good stuff to be soaked in a little longer and a lot deeper.

Pro Tip: For an added layer of value to your regimen, use a mask before applying your routine skincare or makeup. 

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    Young Skin

    Glacial algae partners with hyaluronic acid to target acne and reduce signs of premature aging, leaving your skin feeling detoxed and hydrated. 

    Great for: Acne- prone skin

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    Mature Skin

    From the snow lines of the Himalayas, Snow Lotus works with Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid to clarify skin and reduce signs of aging for brighter skin. 

    Great for: Fine lines

  • Sensitive Skin

    Aloe Vera and Chamomile Extract pull together to soothe and renew while Snow Mushroom gently hydrates irritated skin. Use for ultimate radiance. 

    Great for: Soothing skin

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    Dry or Oily Skin

    Hydrating plant collagen meets revitalizing green tea to help regulate sebum production and deeply penetrate the skin barrier to deliver vital nutrients.

    Great for: Targeting dark spots

  • Combination Skin

    Our muti-peptide blend and Hyaluronic Acid team up to target vital components of the skin: elastin, keratin, and collagen.

    Great for: Improving skin barrier

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Feeling Glowy Has Never Been So Easy: 

/01. Gently cleanse the skin with warm water and your preferred face wash. Pat dry and get ready to feel magic.

/02. Remove the mask from the packaging and unfold. Make sure to peel off any protective layers from the packaging if applicable!

/03. Press the mask to the contours of your face and sit pretty for 15-20 minutes, or until the serum is fully absorbed.

/04. Remove the mask from your face and dispose of it  Massage excess serum into the skin – no worries, you don’t need to rinse! 

For Best Results: Use 2-3x per week, or as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use your masks if I have sensitive skin?

Yes! We mean it when we say our philosophy is beauty for all. Our favorites for sensitive skin are the Soothe and Calm Organic Facial Sheet Mask or the Firming Facelift Magic Moss Mask. Craving more? Take a look at our collection specifically meant for people with sensitive skin.

Remember – it’s always a great idea to consult a board-certified dermatologist to guarantee your concerns are addressed!

Are these sheet masks reusable?

No. Our sheet masks aren’t reusable, but we hold eco-consciousness close to our heart, which is why they’re all 100% biodegradable.

Do sheet masks work?

Face masks are a great addition to your skincare routine for hydration and purification, be it daily or weekly. The sheet allows for whatever serum it’s soaked in to deeply penetrate the skin giving better results than creams only. 

Can I use a sheet mask every day? 

Yes, you can! But you just need 2 uses per week to see results.

Soothe and Calm Organic Facial Sheet Mask Sheet Mask BioRepublic

BioRepublic: Doing Our Best to Bring Out Your Best

Our face masks combine two of our favorite things: feeling good and looking good while doing it. We’ve figured out how to target major concerns, like acne-prone skin or signs of aging, with natural and gentle ingredients. When you choose BioRepublic, you’re choosing skincare gurus who have lived through the same concerns as you, and we always want to share what works.

Our philosophy focuses on effective and affordable beauty for you. We strive for simplicity without sacrificing maximum effects. Simple ingredients tailored to simple-to-use products. From the hydrating wonders of hyaluronic acid to essential nutrients like Vitamin B, our masks are a testament to our goal of sharing wellness across the world. Feeling beautiful shouldn’t cost a fortune, and we want to leave you feeling like a million bucks.


Embrace the skin you're in with our specially designed sets, each formulated to bring out the best in your skin.

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