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Sheet what?

Most of us have by now heard of these sheet mask products, but what are they and why should you always keep a stockpile at home?


In a nutshell, sheet masks are a more convenient, less messy, more effective type of mask treatment.  They've been all the rage in Asia for years and are just now making their way to US shores.  They come in all different shapes, materials, and formulations and can cost anywhere from one or two dollars per mask all the way up to thirty or even more for a single mask.


They can be used as part of your nightly ritual, after washing your face or to give your skin a quick pick me up after a long week. Some masks feature anti-aging ingredients, some are meant to brighten skin tone...  quite literally, there's a mask for every problem and every occasion.


How do they work?

By using a super thin mask material soaked in serum, sheet masks adhere very closely to the skin to deliver nutrients and hydration much more effectively than traditional mask treatments.  In fact, after only fifteen minutes you'll notice that the mask is almost dry...  that's because most of the serum is already absorbed into your skin!


The thinner the mask material, the better it will adhere to your face, the more effectively your skin can absorb the active ingredients.  That's why we chose to use an ultra-thin biodegradable mask material made of plant cellulose for our Essentials line of sheet masks.  We're positive this mask delivers the absolute best bang for the buck, and we think your skin will agree!


How do I choose the right one for me? 

Choosing the right mask for your skin type is easy, most masks are formulated to work for all skin types.  That doesn't mean, however, that all masks are created equal.  Many of the brands sold in Asia (and even some of the masks on the market in the US!) use cheap formulations with Parabens and other chemicals that we think have no business being used in any cosmetic product.  Make sure to look for products that are Paraben free and that have been dermatologist tested (ahem, like ours!).  


Beyond that, it's just a matter of choosing the right mask for the right occasion!  Our skin is an incredibly complex organ that is effectively a window to our overall health.  Good health leads to good skin.  But even the health nuts among us will notice natural fluctuations in their skin tone.  Playing tennis in the sun, swimming in chlorinated water, wearing makeup, changing your diet, natural hormonal cycles...  all of these things can wreak havoc on your complexion. 

But never fear, there's a mask for that!  



We've all been there...  those days where our skin looks about as tired as we feel.  Unfortunately you don't have the luxury of taking a day off and neither does your skin!  That's why I always keep a stockpile of our Essentials masks at home and I never, ever travel without them in my carry on.  In only fifteen minutes you can give your skin the ultimate pick me up: an instant boost of hydration, vitamins, and natural anti-oxidants with no mess, no fuss.  Just slap one on after a long flight, on an airplane, in a train, or even before a date... it's the ultimate secret weapon for your skin!



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