Beauty Practice

Like everything else you will ever be great at, perfect skin will take practice. You will take advice that’s not right for your face and you will make mistakes. You will find products you love and can’t live without. You will also find complementary products that help them work better.


Keep experimenting with serums, facial masks, moisturizers and diy facials. Tone less often, exfoliate more. Work and rework your rituals, around the staples your beauty bag will need to keep you looking your best. Products you can not live without will be different from your mother’s and sister’s, but every girl should know and have each of these items:


A serum: serums work better than a toner to balance skin colour and hydrates deeper than a moisturizer. A good serum will trump a toner and moisturizer, though they should be used as complements, the serum definitely is the pinnacle of the trio.


An exfoliator: Pores should not be visible on your face at any time, or for any excuse. I know some people are blessed, and for some they are a major problem, but each can have the same smooth appearance with a proper exfoliator.


A moisturizer: A good moisturizer will not make or break your beauty regime. Instead it should be a simple accessory to the bigger picture. In fact, if you’re over 25 and relying on a moisturizer, you’ve got it all wrong.


An under eye cream: Regardless of how much water you drink and how well you sleep at night, you will need an under eye cream. A regular moisturizer will not work on the ultra sensitive skin under your eyes.


A cream facial mask: the congestion of big cities gets caught in your pores. To keep your skin looking fresh and clean, you should be masking away dirt at least three times a week with a thorough-cleansing cream face mask.


A fiber mask: Interchangeably, a fiber mask will hydrate your skin and improve your complexion. It took me 29 years to discover fiber masks, and when I did, my complexion changed for the better.


None of these recommendations will accomplish great skin all on their own, and you might have others you would add to the list, or some you would do without. These suggestions are meant to help you build a complete and focused beauty practice.
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