Style Challenge: The real value of a facial mask

no make up style icon

You can buy bags and shoes, but the real value of perfect skin is often underestimated in the quest for refined style. Nobody ever noticed a woman with too much make up as well put together.

Think Jackie O in her oversized sunglasses and designer denim - au naturel, style icon. I don’t know much about Jackie’s beauty regime, and it doesn’t matter either. The take away is this: make up is not glamorous. The less you wear, the better you look, and the less you need, the less you’ll wear.

The challenge is how to need less make up. My solution won’t shock you, sheet masks, natural face masks and diy facials are all you need. They are simple and they work to illuminate and freshen your skin so you won’t need as much make up.

Your natural skin is a daring and bold style challenge.
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