How to Get Your Boyfriend to Care About Skincare

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Chances are your boyfriend has the bare minimum in his bathroom when it comes to skin care products. He probably has a razor, shaving cream, generic soap, and maybe some face wash if he’s feeling adventurous. Compared to your bathroom, his is sparse and relatively bare. But he’s always talking about how soft and supple your skin is, so he must care about skincare on some level, right?

Determine His Skin Type

If your boyfriend does use face wash on a daily basis, make sure he's using one that is helping his skin, not damaging it. Most men find a product they like and then stick with it as opposed to taking the time to find a new product better suited for their skin. Help your guy determine his skin type and find a product that will balance his skin.

Buy Him a Subscription Box

Even guys deep in the digital age love receiving snail mail. If he’s wary to buy a new product because he’s not sure how well it’s going to work, then subscription boxes are a great alternative and a good way to try out samples of products. Three subscription boxes for men that focus on skin care and grooming without taking away his man-card are Birchbox Man, Dollar Shave Club, and Sasquatch Soapscription.

Get Him Fragrance Free Products

Your boyfriend loves you, but he doesn’t want to smell like you, and you can guarantee he won’t use a product that has any hint of a “girly” fragrance. While he might use scented shampoo or body wash, it’s important not to get him a perfumed moisturizer because it could irritate his skin if he’s not used to wearing it on a regular basis. Another hydrating product he should use: after-shave. It soothes the skin and helps hold in moisture. Make sure to invest in an alcohol-free after-shave to prevent dry skin.

For the Advanced Boyfriend

If your boyfriend is feeling extra adventurous, try to get him to invest in a good moisturizer and lip balm. Men often feel that slathering on extra products adds to their potential skin issues, but ensure him that a non-comedogenic moisturizer won't block his pores and is especially important this time of year when the air is harsh and dry. Since kissing chapped lips isn't sexy, consider putting a lip balm in his stocking this year--find one that isn't tinted or sticky so he won't complain that it looks like he was caught wearing your lip gloss.

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