Stress-Busting DIY Holiday Facial

at-home DIY skincare

The holidays are an exciting, magical time, but that excitement is easily drowned in the stress that surrounds the most wonderful time of the year. Having to fight crowds at the mall while trying to finish your shopping, or having your out-of-town in-laws stay at your house are typical holiday scenarios, but instead of stressing into oblivion, mentally prepare yourself for the weeks ahead by taking time for yourself and making a holiday-inspired at-home facial--because let's be real, you probably don't have time to book a spa facial right now anyways.

What You'll Need

1/3 cup rolled oats

1/3 cup eggnog

1/8 tsp ground cinnamon

Why These Ingredients Work

Oatmeal and eggnog are great for face masks because they both work as exfoliants to get rid of any dead skin. Eggnog is also great because the egg/milk combination will simultaneously soften and tighten your skin. The cinnamon, besides giving the mask a great, holiday smell, will help calm any stress-induced acne--cinnamon has natural anti-inflammatory properties that will help calm red skin and clean out your pores. Bonus: if you don't have cinnamon in your pantry, nutmeg has similar properties!

To make the mask, simply combine the ingredients together in a bowl, allowing the oats to absorb some of the eggnog. Once it's thoroughly mixed, apply the mask to you face and relax. After 15 minutes, gently wash the mask off and appreciate the glowing skin that is left behind.

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