Should You Use a Toner?

girl using toner

In a day and age where more and more skincare products are introduced all the time, toner is increasingly seen as an outdated product only used by teenagers who struggle with acne. But the benefits of a good toner definitely span beyond the acne-prone teenage years

According to dermatologists, toner should be used as a second step in your skincare regimen. Toner helps remove excess oil and dead skin that can be left behind after cleansing. Moreover, toner helps prep the skin for the next stages of cleansing by preparing it to absorb products more effectively.

The past years have seen an explosion in the variety of toners available: toners can now contain natural exfoliants like salicylic and glycolic acids or antioxidants like witch hazel and vitamin C. There are even moisturizing toners with aloe and vitamin E and toners with anti-aging compounds like retinoids.  

One important piece of advice: avoid toners that contain alcohol--they will dry out the skin, and although they will make your skin feel tight and refreshed, alcohol-based toners will ultimately do more harm than good.

But alcohol aside, if you’re not satisfied with the results of your skin care routine consider finding a toner suited to your skin type and give it a shot.  You might be surprised by the results this often overlooked step in the skincare regimen can yield.
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