Coffee: The New Sunscreen?

guy with coffee

If you’re considering cutting back on your coffee habit, think again! We’ve got some good news for you coffee aficionados. According to a new study, drinking coffee is associated with a slightly reduced risk for skin cancer. Yeah, so that coffee addiction you kinda felt bad about? It could actually be sparing your skin.

Supported by the Yale-National Cancer Institute, the study of 447,357 participants released that individuals who drank four or more cups of coffee each day for 10 years were at a 20% lower risk of developing skin cancer than those who consumed less than one cup per day. 

That’s what we like to hear! 

What we don’t like to hear is Melanoma is currently the 5th most common form of cancer in the United States, and it is the leading cause of skin cancer-related deaths. Each year, about 77,000 people are diagnosed with it—9,500 of those die of it. While UV light is the most powerful modifiable risk factor, the compounds in coffee have been shown to reduce skin cancer risk. With that being said, the results have been more variable in human studies and the connection is not so clear-cut. 

We’ll just have to continue drinking coffee (guilt-free) to find out. In the mean time, don’t forget to wear your sunscreen!

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