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3 Reasons We Get Dark Under Eye Circles

What is worse than waking up to a bad dream?!... dark under eye circles! Has it ever been flattering to rock the raccoon eye look? Most women would say no. The under eye bags make us look older and tired- two things we try to avoid. So how did we get the dark circles in the first place?! Well, there are many factors that contribute to the puffy dark bags we all love to hate.

  1. Fluid build up. What does this even mean?! Do you tend to eat fast food or keep the salt shaker close by at the dinner table? Well, salt causes our bodies to retain more fluid than usual causing our eyes to carry the weight.  Consider the amount of water you are drinking to offset the salt. Being dehydrated can increase the puffiness under your eyes.
  2. Allergies. Look out come allergy season for more of a dark puffy eye. Why?! Well, when there is an increased amount of pressure on your blood vessels close to the surface of the skin, your eyes appear darker and puffier. If you are prone to allergies seek out natural remedies.
  3. Lack of Sleep. When you just can’t stop watching your favorite Netflix show until 2am you may see the dull and hollow areas below your eyes all too clear. Lack of sleep is all too common for a lot of us! Inturn we see the puffiness all over our faces. If you do happen to squeeze in some beauty sleep, sleeping on your stomach can increase puffiness under your eyes. It is best to sleep on your back and save the next Netflix episode until tomorrow… or not, who are we kidding! Ha

Most of us feel the frustration of having purple and blue shadows below our eyes… and we are not talking about the leftover make-up from the night before. The good news, knowing how the puffy dark circle are caused gets us a step closer to minimizing them.

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