The Ultimate Summer Travel Checklist

The season everyone’s been waiting for is finally here!

Now that the weather is great and schools are out, it’s time to start making our summer plans. Whether it’s a 3-day short trip or a month-long visit to a foreign country, every vacation requires some amount of planning. 

Step 1: Packing 

packing up

Packing is definitely the most tedious part of traveling. However, don’t overlook its importance! Deciding what outfits to bring, with matching shoes, and of course don’t forget about the suncreen… So many decisions to make, so little space in your luggage! Use the roll up and interlock method to pack efficiently. Don’t believe us? Just give it a try!

 Since it’s easy to forget things so we put together a travel checklist that will ensure you don’t forget any crucial item.

summer travel checklist


Step 2: Bring a Journal with you

Sometimes, our brains and bodies are too tired during our travels that we simply cannot manage to remember every little detail. Therefore, keeping a journal on hand during your trip will help you remember the tiny details that are often the most valuable and fun. 

travel journal

Step 3: Back up your important documents

Make sure you have a copy of your passport, ID, and other important documents on hands while traveling. Also have an electronic version saved online. Although the chances are slim, it is always good to have double insurance and be cautious. 


Step 4: Sunblock essentials

Don’t be lazy on sunblock! We all have moments when we think we will be fine without sunscreen for an hour or two, but that’s a sure path to sunburn and dark spots. Even if you are tanning, be sure to use UV protection, low spf sunscreen will help you tan the smart and healthy way. Finally, after a day in the sun, always put on a BioRepublic Aloe or Cucumber Breeze sheet mask to soothe your skin☺

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