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Want to reduce break outs?! Use these tips and stop them before they appear!



This is the easiest and most effective way to defend against breakouts. It is important to wash your face with a cleanser twice a day: once in the morning and again at night. Exercising is great for your health and skin too, but doing it with all of your makeup on is just asking for a breakout. Allow your pores to open and breathe easy without being clogged with make-up and dirt by washing your face before and after your workout.

Pro Tip: Use a balanced cleanser instead of harsh soaps which can inflame your skin and cause more irritation.

Clean your phone.

Think about the many germs you come into contact with everyday… eww! One place nobody connects to acne is your phone, but all the dirt and grease can make its way to your face when you are busy texting and calling your friends. We suggest cleaning your phone every day with an antibacterial wipe.

Pro Tip: Did you know that, on average, people touch their face about 18 times per hour!? Touching your face can trap dirt and bacteria in your pores and cause annoying breakouts. Try washing your hands throughout the day with antibacterial soap and avoiding rubbing your face to fight off breakouts.

Acne Serum.

Many over-the-counter acne serums are highly effective and available without a prescription. These products have active ingredients which curb bacteria and dry out the developing breakouts. Look for topical acne serums with antioxidants which help counteract the harmful free radicals that stir up inflammation. Apply the acne serum to your skin every day, especially to areas more prone to breakouts.

Apply minimal makeup.

Avoid wearing heavy foundation during a breakout and remember to wash it off at the end of the day. If possible, wear an oil-free foundation without added dyes and chemicals. Read the ingredients to limit chemicals that can irritate your skin and ensure your beauty products are pure and all natural. Beauty doesn’t have to come at the price of a breakout. Now that’s something to celebrate!

Pro Tip: Never sleep in your make-up. If you are just too tired to do a full wash, try to wipe off your face with a cleansing wipe. The next morning you will be happy you did.

Eat Clean.

The one thing that most people forget. Eating healthy is an important part of your overall health and definitely impacts the likelihood of breakouts. That pizza may be yummy after a late night of hanging out with your friends, but some foods – including greasy pizzas – are linked to breakouts. Eating and drinking processed and greasy foods can cause inflammation in the body that often shows up on the skin. Is it time for a detox?! Lemon water and green juice will get you back on track in no-time!

Now use these tips and say goodbye to breakouts!

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