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6 Solutions for Dark Under Eye Circles

Waking up ready for the day only to find dark puffy circles under your eyes really puts a damper on your day and confidence, but knowing how to treat those frustrating dark circles can get you back on the right track to conquer the day! We are here to help, and we have found some easy and effective solutions for your dark under-eye circles. What are you waiting for!?

  1. Double up on pillows and sleep on your back. Why? When gravity causes blood to build up in your eyes at night, it leaves your eyes puffy in the morning. By raising your head and reducing the pressure on your eyes, you can prevent those under-eye circles before they ever become a problem.
  2. Apply a cold eye mask. Applying a cold eye mask can relieve your eyes of the tension built up after a night of sleeping. Try placing the Lost Baggage Under Eye Emergency Repair Mask in the freezer for 5 minutes, then apply under your eyes to knock out those under-eye circles in a flash. Best fix ever!
  3. Check your diet. Did you know those salty french fries may increase your under-eye circles? Instead, nurture yourself with foods full of omega-3 fatty acids, like salmon and walnuts, to improve the blood flow to the skin.
  4. Stay hydrated. If allergies or a common cold have you all puffed up, drink lots of water to filter out the fluid buildup around your eyes. Consider a hot cup of green tea. The anti-inflammatory properties of green tea can strengthen capillary walls and reduce the appearance of dark under-eyes.
  5. Wash your face at night. Removing the makeup around your eyes can minimize irritation that can cause redness and puffiness under your eyes.
  6. Thicken your skin. No, we’re not saying you should ignore the things people say, although that’s not bad advice either.  What we mean is that you can actually thicken your skin by applying eye cream loaded with Vitamin C. When you have thin skin, the transparency shows the dark under eye circles more than you would like. Applying the eye cream can encourage the production of collagen and can brighten up skin tone.

Dark and puffy under eye circles can ruin your day, but trying these tips can turn things around in no time. What a relief!
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