Clean and Ethical from the Start

Those of you who follow the latest news from around the beauty world may have come across some disturbing reports recently regarding the sheet mask industry in Asia.  For full details, you can see the article that originally appeared on Racked.

So what’s it all about?

The Issue

Contaminated sheet masks with dirt, bacteria, mold, and human hair popping up in South Korea and the US.

The Cause

Contract manufacturers who produce sheet masks in unsanitary conditions and without following what’s known as Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices (or cGMP).

Specifically, some companies outsource the mask folding process to contractors who then distribute them to stay at home moms to fold in their own homes.  After the masks are folded and placed into the unsealed sachet, they’re returned to a factory where they’re supposedly sterilized, filled with serum, and sealed.  

Other companies have mask folding areas within their facilities where the process is more controlled, however many still do not follow cGMP guidelines.

So what about BioRepublic sheet masks?

We only work with suppliers who are cGMP certified (ISO 22716).

This means that all of our suppliers meet international standards for clean, sanitary production of cosmetic products.  We do not work with any suppliers who use fold-at-home contractors.

Furthermore, all of our suppliers are required to test every batch of ingredients they receive, as well as every batch of finished BioRepublic sheet masks, for a variety of mold, fungi, bacteria, and other contaminants.

Finally, we double check our suppliers by holding every batch of finished BioRepublic sheet masks in storage until we receive clear test results from an independent, FDA registered laboratory here in the United States.

That’s what we mean by Beauty You Can Trust.

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