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Discover The Secret To Luscious Lips - Naturally!

It All Began With A Kiss

Every great romance begins with timeless passion. The perfect lips have graced the silver screen for generations, their very presence implying a soft kiss or a whispered secret. While we're quick to credit the big lips trend to the likes of Kylie Jenner and her #LipChallenge, the origins of the trend can be traced even farther back to the movie stars of the '50s and 60's who graced us all with their style and sophistication.

Picture the likes of Marilyn Monroe posing for a photograph with chic red lips offsetting her iconic platinum blonde. The confidence of iconic glamour is a goal we've all got on our #bosslady bucket list. One of the earliest influencers of style and sophistication was actress and singer Dorothy Dandridge. Her enviable lips were as recognizable as her on screen talents. Along with contemporaries like Ava Gardiner and Grace Kelly, we need to give due credit to the starlets who came before us and pioneered the beauty of plump, kissable lips long before filters, and selfies.

Naturally gorgeous, non-invasive lip love

If big lips have been trending since the Golden Age of Hollywood, then how is it that the silver screen goddesses before us were able to achieve flawless smiles without the aid of lip fillers?

Staying on trend doesn't mean you have to resort to injections and invasive cosmetic procedures. In fact, the best way to achieve natural looking, full lips is by enhancing your own beautiful smile. Whether your lips are more delicate or plump, nourishing them with vitamin rich botanicals and skin friendly antioxidants is the best way to achieve lasting glamour. Sun exposure, wind dryness, and natural aging can diminish the color and fullness of our lips, leaving dark spots, dullness, and shriveled skin.

Restoring hydration is key when it comes to a radiant smile. A deep conditioning mask treatment delivers essential moisture that replenishes vital nutrients and heals chapped, broken skin.

The secret is in whole ingredients, not fillers. Botanical extracts like Rosa Damascena flower moisturize to rejuvenate lips and enhance fullness and shape. Rose essential oil also reduces the appearance of fine lines around your smile, evens skin tone for luscious pink perfection, and exfoliates away dead skin cells to restore fresh, healthy plumpness. Antioxidant compounds remove free radicals to support soft, healthy skin. Together with rich, indulgent pomegranate extract, these super fruits provide a boost of vitamin C designed to bring out natural radiance.

Sun damage doesn't stand a chance against the restorative power of essential nutrients. Regular masking treatments not only soothe irritation but reverse damage caused by harsh UV rays on your beautiful smile. Pucker up with powerful probiotics like lactobacillus to lock in moisture for days and retain nutrients longer. This means less contouring, lining, and gloss and more days of enjoying the "I woke up like this" life.

The No Pouty Days Routine for a Perfect Pucker

There's no one size fits all skincare routine. Our busy schedules, and our lips, are as unique as we are. This means you'll want to choose a mask that contours to the shape of your mouth. Many commercial beauty products are designed with a basic slit or straight line that can drive aspiring glam gurus crazy with tugging, pulling, and struggling to fit.

At BioRepublic, there's nothing basic about our Pout Perfecting Lip Mask. These kissably soft, luxurious biocellulose lip patch adheres to every curve and groove of your smile. This allows for readily available nutrient absorption and even tone. Simply apply the soothing gel cushions to your lovely lips for 15-20 minutes, lie back, and relax. There's no need to rinse, peal, or prep. When your spa day is up, massage any excess serum into your lips for a dewy glow.

How often you treat your lips depends on your own personal skincare schedule. We're all about finding the sweet spot in our hectic lives to schedule in some much needed self-care. Try incorporating a lip mask to your routine 2-3 times per week. Lip treatments are a great part of a goodnight regimen, especially on days when you've been enjoying some fun in the sun. Not only does this promote healthy relaxation and stress relief, but it's a helpful tool for combating the after effects of the day's adventures.

If you're an avid traveler, you might have noticed that you're always reaching for the lip balm on a long flight. Travel, elevation, stress, and changes to our environment tend to dehydrate us more quickly than usual. Packing a few extra lip masks with your travel skincare essentials is always a good idea.

If you're attending a special event and want to look extra fabulous, there's no harm in adding a few extra spa sessions to your daily routine. Unlike with synthetic lip treatments, you can apply a mask as many times as you'd like to bring out your most dazzling smile for wedding photos, vacation snaps, and more.

Lip masks are the perfect alternative for holistic beauty gurus looking to capture their best, most kissable look yet -- no appointment necessary!

Just getting started on establishing an at home skincare routine? Check out 5 Steps to Developing a Skincare Routine You'll Never Quit.

Elevate your skincare routine with our Pout Perfecting Lip Mask:

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