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Everything You Need to Know About the Korean Skincare Routine

Who wouldn't want to have beautiful, flawless, clear, and supple skin? In fact, having smooth and glass-clear skin is kin to every woman's dream.

Until appropriate and concrete actions are taken to make this dream a reality, women will live to have prematurely aged skin coupled with many other problems- which should never be the case. Every woman- you included- can have a beautiful, radiant skin regardless of age, race, and social status.

With the innovative technology carefully and artistically combined with ancient traditions whilst not mentioning the fantastic results, it is easy to understand why the Korean style has become a widely embraced trend.

But where do we even start with this weird-but-incredible Korean hacks?

We got you. In this blog, we give you a step-by-step beauty ritual on how to achieve that clear skin you've always wanted.

What is the Korean Skincare Routine?

Korean women are also famous for having the fairest skin in the world. Korean daily skincare routine is a daily routine that includes 8-10 steps, which the Korean women follow religiously to get their flawless, smooth, and glowing skin.

In this blog, you will find the exact process they use to layer their skin instead of using one thick cream. They believe that this helps their skin to breathe, rather than clogging the pores.

Step 1: Wash with Water

The first step is washing your skin twice; once with oil, secondly with a foaming cleanser. But why?

This is because each ingredient achieves a different purpose and gets a different crud off your face. While the oily skin-type might scoff at the idea of washing with oil, it's incredibly effective against oil-based impurities like SPF, sebum, and pollutants. A foaming cleanser becomes vital in supplementing the oil since oil is not the best when it comes to sweat and dirt.

During this stage ensure that:

  • You carry out a thorough facial massage to stimulate the surface of your skin and prepare it for the products that are about to come. Massaging drains your lymphatic glands in your face hence preventing puffiness.
  • Treat your skin with the utmost care, and use lukewarm water rather than hot water, since the latter dries the skin.
  • Use a low Ph foaming cleanser. If it's' super foamy, then know that you're already missing the point. If the pH is lower or higher than 4.2 and 5.6, your skin starts to feel irritated and gets acne and blotches.

Step 2: Toner

What comes into your mind when you hear of the word toner?

An astringent meant to wipe the gunk off your face and strip your skin, right? When you get to Korea, you might be surprised to know it's the exact opposite. A toner should be a thin layer of moisture, which is meant to regulate the pH, soften your skin, and prepare for the next steps.

If this step is skipped, your skin becomes dry and dehydrated even after completing the succeeding steps.

Korean toners come in a wide variety from thin to dense and are packed full of organic ingredients that address aging, acne damage, and fine lines. You can apply it with your hands or use a cotton ball or pad.

Step 3: Essence

The fundamental step to achieving glowy results is layering your products, rather than relying on one thick cream to do all the work. So if you think of your toner as the first layer, consider using essence as your second layer.

The good thing with essence is that it is less viscous and sometimes very watery; hence it can penetrate the skin pored at a deeper level and aid further absorption of future products to come. It works perfectly to hydrate your skin while helping a cellular turnover to achieve that youthful appearance.

Step 4: Emulsion

You mean another layer of water? Yasss!

That clear skin needs some work, beautiful, and you have to work for it. That means you have to drink a lot of water, exercise, eat well and be ready to spend a few more minutes on your skincare routine.

The emulsion layer is just a bit more viscous than the previous one and is the foundation to build the richness and sheen you're aiming for as the final result.

However, it is worth noting that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to the emulsion. Some skins may need more moisture than others. The more hands-on time you get with your skin, the better to discover what works best for you.

Step 5: Serum/ Ampoule

Feeling overwhelmed yet? If so, it is better to point that even if the Korean routine is famous for its ten-step routine, you don't have to follow each step to the letter. Typically, serum or ampoule is the next in line, but if you feel your skin has already had enough, you can skip it anyway. But, be sure not to skip this step if you feel it's pivotal for you to get that clear skin.

Serum and ampoules are both concentrated ingredients and have a big blast of intense moisture and a thicker texture. They are used to address specific skin issues like dehydration, wrinkles, and dark spots.

Step 6: Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are commonly soaked in serum and are used to add more juiciness to your skin. It is also crucial for you to know that not all sheet masks are made alike. The best stay moist for the full time—be sure to check some here for the best!

Step 7: Eye Cream

Eye cream is primarily designed to moisturize the thin skin beneath your eyes where crow's feet and fine lines appear. All you need to do is smooth a light eye cream across both the brow and the socket of the eye moving from the inner to the eye's outer corners.

Besides, most people that use the eye cream do it wrongly by applying the cream using the index finger. It is recommended that you use the ring finger since the index finger applies more pressure since it's bound to push harder.

Step 8: Moisturizer

A thick layer of cream at this point might sound a little crazy, but it's not. In the traditional Korean style, you must use a cream, also known as an occlusive layer, to seal in all the layers. This allows for all the fragrances, flavors, and layers to mix inside and absorb into your skin and provide long-lasting-all day hydration.

Step 9: Sunscreen

Unfortunately, while growing up, we were taught to wear sunscreen only when going to the beach. What they didn't tell us is that UV rays can reach inside too.

Applying sunscreen daily protects you from dark spots, wrinkles, and dark lines.

Step 10: Sleeping Masks

You've completed all the previous steps and already looking like a cake. Congratulations on your new look.

But there is the last step which you have to add to your basic routine. At night, your body enters into a mega-repair mode. That's why you need a sleeping mask to act as a night cream when you're asleep.

Do you want to wake up feeling 20 again? Feel free to talk to us or follow our Pinterest board to get inspired, and you can trust us- we got a lot of ideas for you.

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