How To Care For Your Skin During All The Busy Holiday Events

Busy running to the mall, the kitchen, and the airport in hopes to pull together the best holiday festivities? How will your skin ever keep up? Read on for a few expert tips:

Hydrate. At the mall keep a deep conditioning moisturizer in your bag for easy application between stores. Beating the holiday rush and fighting crowds will not only take a toll on your feet but your skin too. Remember to re-nourish with lots of water, to boost your mood and complexion.

Refresh. If you’re one of the millions traveling to see friends or family for the holiday, remember to pack a trusty hydrating sheet mask so you’ll look and feel fresh on arrival. Those crowded, dry airplanes will leave your skin looking tired and dull. Freshen up with a Lost Baggage under eye emergency repair mask.

Most enjoy the Holiday cheer, but all the stress of several hours in the kitchen cooking and cleaning, wrapping presents, and hanging the lights on the house can leave you exhausted. Chances are your skin will feel the effects of the oven heat and winter chill. Enjoy some quiet time and a relaxing sheet mask facial while cozying up with a cup of hot cocoa. Yum!

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