How to Make the Perfect Holiday Gift

This Holiday fill your friends’ and family’s stockings with the gift they actually will enjoy and use - an all natural sheet mask. Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

Travel makeup bag. For the friend or family member on the go, a travel makeup bag is perfect to hold all the essentials. An On the Glow Kit fits nicely in a makeup bag, so in 15 minutes skin will be rehydrated on a plane or train.

Cute sleeping mask. When paired with the Lost Baggage under eye emergency repair mask 10pk, the sleeping mask will make a targeted and relaxing eye treatment. Ideal for dreams of restored eyes free from fine lines and annoying light! Bonus points: customize the sleeping mask to reflect your friends personality with a fun design.

Personalized towel set. Bring the luxuries of the spa to your gift recipient with a No More Years Eternal Radiance Mask and the comfort of plush designer towels. We recommend personalizing the towels for that special touch.

Bubble bath soap, natural exfoliating scrub, or essential oils. What’s better than a peaceful bath? A peaceful bath with bubble soap, an exfoliating scrub, or some aromatic essential oils! A Cucumber Breeze soothing fiber sheet mask will complete the spa like experience when lounging in a hot bubble bath.

Favorite book or movie. Wrap a big bow around a book and a sheet mask for the perfect stocking stuffer gift. Your secret santa will be overjoyed to read the latest best seller and quench dehydrated skin during the cold winter months. Bonus points: add some candles and a cozy blanket to make the moment full of cheer.

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