How to Manage Holiday Stress

Lets face it the holiday season is anything but peaceful with pushy mall crowds, sugar hyped kids, and the infamous reunion with the in-laws. Gosh, that already has us stressed out just thinking about it! In an effort to make the “happiest time of year” more joyful and less stressful here are some tips to help relax and remind yourself what the festive season is really all about.

Bake Homemade Sweet Treats. Cookies are always a go-to for an at home baking session, plus who doesn’t like how the sweet aroma fills up the house. Gather family and friends around the kitchen to create something magical and delicious! The time will quickly pass with all the fun being had plus your guest will be happy when tasting all the yummy treats!

Watch a Christmas Movie. This one is simple, pop the popcorn, warm up the hot cocoa, and screen your holiday favorites. Take a break from the busy malls and LOL at your favorite Christmas characters. We recommend Home Alone, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, ELF, and Santa Claus to entertain your extended family.  

Take a Moment for Yourself. It is no lie the holidays are hectic and overwhelming. So taking time for yourself to recharge and unwind. Your sanity will benefit allowing your best face forward for your friends and family. We think a nice bubble bath and rejuvenating express facial sheet masks will do just the trick! Feel refreshed in just 15 minutes- ready to finish up Christmas dinner and wrap up the last-minute gifts. Wow, after all that we may need another break!

Shop Online. Hello, it is 2016- era of the internet! It is easier than ever to check off your gift list since most retailers sell online. Avoid the pushing and shoving at the store. Instead curl up with your eggnog and warm blanket, it is definitely easier and less stressful to get the perfect holiday gifts online in the comfort of your home. Even better! Many retailers will offer holiday sales like free shipping.

Happy Holidays from BioRepublic Skincare.

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