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Maintaining Healthy Lips This Winter

Winter is here, and unfortunately, so are dry, cracked lips. Are you destined to spend the next two months in misery? Absolutely not! We're here to help you find the perfect routine to keep your lips in tip-top shape this season, dry air notwithstanding. Healthy lips, here we come!

Reintroduce Some Moisture into the Air

Obviously, this really isn't an option for the great outdoors, but you can work wonders in your home or office with a simple humidifier. These handy little machines work to add moisture back into the air, which in turn will enable you to be a little more comfortable until spring rolls around. Not only will this help your lips, but dry skin, in general, should improve with the use of a humidifier (and many house plants are rather fond of them, too). Many even have an option to add in menthol-based inhalants for cold and flu season (if you choose to bring a humidifier to your workplace, make sure to check with your coworkers before you start adding any Vicks or other inhalants to your humidifier).

Invest in a Good Lip Balm

While this might go without saying, a good lip balm is an absolute, non-negotiable must during the winter months. In addition to adding much-needed hydration, lip balm will also act as a shield between your tender skin and the harsh winter air. Because of the lack of moisture in the air, the moisture in your lips and skin evaporates, leaving your skin dry and uncomfortable. While balms are not inherently moisturizing, they prevent this evaporation from taking place, allowing your skin to retain the moisture that it would otherwise have lost, giving you comfortable, healthy lips. If your lips are particularly chapped, try looking for a medicated lip balm; otherwise, most any will do. If you're in need of some serious moisturization, however, try a lip mask. Think of these as lip balms cranked up to eleven. Just like a face mask, these little superheroes add copious amounts of much-needed moisture to your lips, and give your lips a little boost on staying healthy and comfortable. 

Avoid Anything That Will Dry Your Lips Out

Yes, liquid lipsticks are fantastic and pretty much the best thing ever for getting your lip color to last all day, but if you're battling dry, chapped lips, leave your liquid lipsticks (and just about any other long-wearing lipstick, for that matter) in your makeup bag for a while. Part of the reason why they last so long is that they tend to be rather drying, so wearing them in dry air is just compounding the problem. Instead, opt for moisturizing lipsticks or tinted lip balms until spring rolls around and the dry air dissipates. And while we're on the topic of avoiding uncomfortable lips, don't lick them! Doing so might provide a split second of reprieve from uncomfortably dry lips, but it will only chap your poor lips more than they already are. Just make sure you have some lip balm on hand until spring rolls around.

Stay Hydrated

It stands to reason that if the dry air is sucking the moisture out of your lips, then you're going to need to add some back in, and staying hydrated is a great way to do just that. If you're having trouble getting enough water throughout the day, use a water-tracking app or a water bottle with time markers to help you stay on track. In addition to helping your lips stay happy and hydrated throughout the winter, drinking water has a multitude of other great health benefits that are just too good to pass up. 

Find More Ways to Maintaining Healthy Lips This Winter

Winter doesn't have to mean that your poor lips get chapped and dry. Before you face that harsh, dry air, arm yourself with lip balm, a lip mask or two, drink plenty of water, and turn on that humidifier! There's no reason to not have healthy lips this winter.

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