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Pomegranates: The Ancient Beauty Secret

These seasonal fruits aren’t just delicious to eat. Besides being highly nutritious, pomegranates were used in ancient times to promote good skin and health which makes them one of the original superfoods. So while you’re doing good for yourself by eating them, use pomegranates topically as well to help up the ante in your skincare routine.

Here's 3 Reasons to Start Using Pomegranates in Your Skincare Regimen Today:


Cell regeneration.

Studies have shown that pomegranates help protect the outer layer of skin as well as increase circulation near the skin’s surface. This helps facial skin heal and repair itself, especially in cold weather.

Sun protection.

Pomegranates carry high levels of antioxidants that will not only protect your skin from the sun’s rays but will also help reverse damage that the sun has already caused. In particular, the ellagic acid in pomegranates helps inhibit the growth of cancerous skin cells, perfect if you’re worried about that sunburn you got on vacation this summer.

Dry skin prevention.

Pomegranates contain omega-5 fatty acids that help prevent moisture loss, one of the most common skincare complaints during the fall. So while you enjoy eating the seeds, use the peel to make an at home face mask or scrub.


Discover the benefits of this ancient skincare ingredient, try one of our pomegranate face masks:


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