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Puffy Eyes: What Causes Them and How to Fix Them?

In a world where most people are sleep deprived, dehydrated, and fueled by high-sodium foods, puffy eyes are a common problem. Unless there is an underlying medical cause, puffy eyes are can be fixed by following a few easy steps. We've taken a look at advice from Healthline, WebMD, and others to give you some insight on what causes puffy eyes in an otherwise healthy person, and how you can fix them.


Get enough sleep.

Lack of sleep really does make eyes puffier. Indeed, yawning causes eyes to water, and this excess fluid around the eyes contributes to puffiness. Lack of sleep can also make the veins around the eye area more pronounced, leading to dark circles.

To get rid of puffy eyes, aim for at least eight hours of beauty sleep every night. Sleeping on your back with extra pillows may also help to prevent fluid retention in the eye area.

Woman using sleeping mask.
Woman holding glass of water.

Stay hydrated.

Dehydration can cause eye bags to become more pronounced. Thus, aim to drink at least two liters of water every day. Avoid excessive alcohol and caffeine consumption, which can cause fluid loss.

Cut down on sodium.

Puffiness around the eyes could be a sign that your body is retaining water from too much sodium intake. To reduce your sodium intake, choose fresh, whole foods over processed foods whenever possible. As a general rule, avoid high-sodium foods such as olives, pickles, frozen foods, and canned soups. Also, keep an eye on nutritional labels, and avoid products with more than 140 milligrams of sodium per serving.

Salt and foods with high-sodium.
Food with high-potassium.

Increase your potassium intake.

There is a relationship between potassium and sodium in your body, and maintaining proper potassium levels can help control the amount of sodium that stays in your body. When you have sufficient amounts of potassium in your system, the potassium flushes out excess sodium through the urine. As a result, eating a diet rich in potassium can get rid of puffiness and swelling around the eyes caused by excess fluids. Try eating foods rich in potassium, such as sweet potatoes, bananas, avocado, leafy greens, and other fresh fruits and vegetables high in potassium.

Treat your allergies.

Seasonal allergies such as hay fever, or allergies as a reaction to certain foods or exposure to certain chemicals, can contribute to swollen, puffy eyes. If you suspect that allergies are to blame, check with your doctor to determine what exactly is causing the allergic reaction. Your doctor may run some tests if necessary to determine if you are suffering from seasonal allergies. They may recommend an over-the-counter antihistamine or choose to prescribe something stronger during allergy season.

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Woman applying eye cream.

Apply eye creams correctly.

Wear and tear around the eyes is one of the main culprits of eye bags. When applying eye creams, dab product very gently using the ring finger only. Avoid using too many products, which can weigh down the delicate skin of the eye area. Also avoid applying product too close to the lash line, as this can cause eyes to water and contribute to further puffiness.

Eat more collagen.

Adding more collagen into your diet will help to strengthen the skin around your eyes and prevent eye bags. Consider taking a collagen supplement, or try making bone broth at home.

Woman scooping collagen supplement.
Woman using under eye mask.

Under eye masks

We get it: it's not always possible to avoid sodium, get enough sleep, AND drink two liters of water every day. If your eyes are looking puffy, it's time to try an under-eye mask.


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