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The Top 7 Skin Loving Organic Foods

Glowing, radiant skin begins with total body health and wellness. Too often we focus on the outside components of beauty with concealers, foundation, and toner to achieve the flawless complexion of our dreams. Don't weigh your lovely pores down with heavy synthetic products -- wake them up instead with the benefits of organic nutrition!

The organic difference is key when it comes to foods that promote excellent skin, hair, and nails. Not only are organic products grown and harvested through sustainable agricultural practices, free of harmful pesticides, but studies indicate that organic foods have a higher nutrient content in certain types of flavonoids. These antioxidant dense nutrients are highly beneficial to promoting youthful skin. They're also high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which deliver readily available hydration, combat redness, and revitalize dry and dull complexions.

Of course, the biggest benefit lies in what organic foods don't have. In addition to carcinogenic pesticides, heavy metals and toxins are often present in conventionally grown produce, while meats are prone to bacteria due to the overuse of antibiotic treatments which result in bacterial resistance. Processed diets are among the top offenders when it comes to causing breakouts and damaging sensitive skin.

The organic lifestyle is great for the environment, great for our sustainability focused future, and amazing for our everyday skin! Check out these top 7 skin loving superfoods to add to your kitchen.

1.) Mango

Give your skin the tropical vacation it deserves with a taste of refreshing mango. A single serving of organic mango is bursting with essential nutrients for a healthy complexion. This bright orange fruit is often called a "super antioxidant" due to its high polyphenol content which protects skin cells from oxidative stress and removes free radicals. Think of mango as the ultimate beach detox!

This delicious smoothie compliment is also high in vitamins A and C which support the production of collagen, an essential protein for healthy hair and skin. Collagen creates natural elasticity which combats fine lines and keeps skin from sagging. Together with vitamin A, this natural beauty supplement encourages sebum production to keep your skin moisturized, dewy, and ready for some fun in the sun.

2.) Fish

Organic fish is the other white meat that your skin has been craving. Fish is lean in bad fats and junk, yet high in the good fat we love -- Omega-3 that is. Salmon, trout, and even sushi provides a high boost of Omega-3 fatty acids for rich collagen production as well as overall body health. The benefits of fish oil can even improve memory and brain function while combating stress (a big drain on healthy skin).

Struggling with redness and blemishes? The anti-inflammatory properties of organic fish soothe irritated skin and promote balance. Enjoy as part of a heart healthy diet or supplement with organic fish oil capsules for an added boost of skin loving radiance.

3.) Lemon

A slice of lemon is more than just aesthetic. This powerful little citrus fruit is the ultimate enemy of adult acne.

Not only is lemon rich in vitamin C, but the high citric acid content delivers strong antibacterial properties that work to fight off acne causing bacteria as well as curve excess oil production. Adding a pinch of lemon to infused water along with other skin positive foods like berries and cucumber is a great way to cleanse your pores. With consistent use, lemon can even help remove dead skin cells and support the renewal of fresh-faced beauty,

4.) Green Tea

Ditch the morning coffee run and treat yourself to a warm mug of balancing green tea. Organic green tea improves focus and naturally energizes us for the day ahead. It's an amazing caffeine boost for waking up dull, stressed out skin by correcting dark spots and blemishes with holistic antibacterial properties and rich antioxidants.

Looking to naturally unclog your pores? Start with a cup of soothing matcha green tea for evening out your skin tone. The tannins and natural caffeine found in this superfood open up the blood vessels which reduces the appearance of under eye bags. Green tea is also bursting with vitamins B2 and E, essential for daily skin maintenance that supports a firm, youthful look.

5.) Berries

Nothing brightens up skin tone quite like a burst of berries! Whether they're blended up in a smoothie or on top of your favorite frozen yogurt, this summe time treat delivers year round goodness.\Go for red and purple berries for optimal skin health. Strawberries, raspberry, blueberry, and pomegranate naturally illuminate and hydrate. Think of these berries as nature's moisturizer. The antioxidant rich and vitamin dense bioflavonoids in each cup support a summery glow anytime, anywhere. Berries are a great office snack, post workout treat, or midday refresh that will leave you feeling and looking your best with the beauty of organic wellness.

6.) Tomato

If you've been enjoying a little too much fun in the sun, the benefits of mineral dense, organic tomatoes are just what your skin craves. These tasty pantry must haves are dense in essential minerals like magnesium and potassium that actively work to reverse UV damage. Tomatoes are excellent for waking up your skin cells and have even been shown to reduce the risk of sunburn.

Best of all, these delicious salad toppers contain strong anti-inflammatories like lycopene, beta carotene, and lutein. Eczema sufferers will especially benefit from the natural healing effects of adding tomatoes to their weekly diet. Soothing and balancing irritation is one of the key benefits of these organic superfoods.

7.) Dark Chocolate

You read that right! Dark chocolate is absolutely fabulous for skincare.

One of the main causes of dull and uneven skin is mineral deficiency. A single serving of 70-85% cocoa chocolate delivers 67% iron, 58% magnesium, 89% copper, and 98% manganese, in addition to potassium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium. The flavanols in dark chocolate also stimulate healthy blood flow which reduces the appearance of dark circles and fine lines. Plus, dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants for guilt free, skin happy snacking.

What's your go to organic treat for healthy skin? Share your foodie favorites with us and enjoy the beauty of wellness!

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