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Travel Tips: 3 Reasons to Bring a Sheet Mask

The view from an airplane at 30,000 feet may be stunning, but climbing that high takes a real toll on your skin.  Did you know that the average humidity level in an airplane is just 5%-12%?  To give you an idea of just how dry that is, the Atacama desert in Chile (often said to be the driest place on Earth) has an average humidity level around 17%. Because of the extremely dry cabin air, vital moisture in your skin will evaporate throughout the flight, leaving your complexion high and dry.

Fortunately for all you jet-setters out there, sheet masks provide a quick and effective remedy for dried out skin.  Here are three reasons a sheet mask should be an essential part of your travel bag:

  1. They’re easy to pack. Sheet masks travel well and won’t get you in trouble with the TSA agents at airport security. Because they’re so compact, you can literally fit a few weeks worth supply into a small carry-on!
  2. Easy to use, instant results. Unfold. Relax. Pat. That’s all! After fifteen minutes remove the mask and massage the excess serum into your skin.  A quality sheet mask won’t leave your skin sticky or slimy, so you shouldn’t even have to rinse.
  3. They’re a guaranteed creep repellant. There’s nothing worse than being stuck next to an overly exuberant/annoying/weird passenger for several hours on a plane with no place to hide.  Well, now you can slap on a sheet mask and laugh all the way to your final destination!  For those of you who might not want to go full Jason on your airplane neighbor, an under eye mask like our Lost Baggage Emergency Under Eye Repair Mask will revitalize the most vulnerable area around your eyes without drawing too many concerned looks.

So, whether it’s a quick business trip or an exotic get-a-way, don’t forget to pack your BioRepublic sheet masks! Even Chrissy Teigen uses a sheet mask!

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