Influencer Program | Terms & Conditions

I now declare that I am of legal age. I authorize BioRepublic to use photographs or video recordings that include my image in campaigns, promotional, and other relevant support material for dissemination and promotion in their social networks.

Likewise, I authorize BioRepublic to use my content for an indefinite period in its social networks without the need for approval. Additionally, I agree not to misuse BioRepublic’s image or the products they will send me.

This agreement is only a collaboration of product exchange in exchange for content to use in social networks; it is not an employment contract. Additionally, the content collaboration with product gifting has no payment involved.

Likewise, I would like to establish and specify that, according to the above, BioRepublic has my authorization and consent for all mentioned above, showing that such information will be used solely and exclusively for the above purposes.