Sheet Mask for Dry, Chapped Lips

Go from dry lips to
perfect pout

with this step-by-step lip-care

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Next to a perfect set of teeth, luscious lips are the biggest contributor to a beautiful smile. With this all-natural lip-care routine (and the right lip mask, of course), flaky, dry lips are a thing of the past – even in the dead of winter.

Step 1:

Exfoliate those kissers.

Proper sleep is self-care – get six to eight hours per night to restore skin cells and reduce wrinkle-causing stress.

Make a DIY scrub with honey coconut oil and brown sugar!

Step 2:

Pucker up and moisturize.

No, not with lip balm – moisturize with a lip mask. Use our popular Lip Mask two to three times per week for a month for intense hydration and plumper lips.

Step 3:

Choose makeup that hydrates.

We all want to add some color, just make sure you choose hydrating products over matte formulas that cause cracks and uneven spots.

Step 4:

Say no to allergens.

Ditch lip products with dyes or fragrances, and choose brands that use natural, nourishing ingredients.

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Step 5:

Drink that water!

If your body is dehydrated, your lips will show it. Drink at least eight glasses of water per day to avoid dry lips.

Step 6:

Stop licking your lips.

Licking lips provides short-term relief and long-term dehydration.

Step 7:

Use sunscreen

During the day, use a lip product that includes a broad-spectrum sunscreen and nourishing oils to prevent sun damage.

Step 8:

Eat like your lips depend on it.

Choosing nourishing, hydrating foods over processed, sugary options gives you a glow from the inside out. Eat like your skin (and lips) depend on it – because they do.

If your lips are dry, chances are your facial skin is, too – shop our best hydrating products!

If your lips are dry, chances are you facial skin is, too - shop our best hydrating products!

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