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Sheet Mask Remedies for 5 Common Skincare Problems

Plan a night in with a masquerade party to refresh your face and revive your soul! Sheet masks aren't simply a fabulous way to treat yourself -- they're essential for treating a variety of common skincare problems. Whether your skin type tends to be oily or dry, restoring rich vitamins and natural moisture to your beautiful face balances, renews, and clarifies tired out pores.

Discover the beauty of self-care with these 5 holistic remedies for common skincare woes.

1.) The Midweek Breakout

Nothing ruins a morning routine quite like an unexpected breakout. From stress to fluctuating hormones to factors as simple as a change in the weather, any number of triggers can turn your once glowing skin into a sea of blemishes. Don't reach for the concealer just yet! Masks are among the best natural remedies for adult acne so you can stop hiding your beautiful skin and start embracing your flawless, radiant self.

For a deep cleansing pore treatment, exfoliate with refreshing lemon extract. Lemon is an excellent holistic skincare superfood. High in antioxidants and vitamin C, citrus fruits help fight free radicals which can cause inflammation and redness. The dense nutrient content promotes collagen production for effective, natural renewal of dead skin cells.

Best of all, lemon has several key acne targeting properties. The natural antiseptic qualities found in lemons are known to kill harmful bacteria that cause breakouts such as P. acnes. Lemon extract also works to reduce excess oil -- or sebum -- as the citric acid helps dry and soothe irritated skin. This leads to reduced redness and inflammation. With a consistent masking routine, the appearance of old acne scars can even fade, revealing your lovely fresh face.

2.) The Red Eye

Adventurous beauty gurus often find that travel takes a toll on their skin. Whether our excursions are for business or leisure, traveling light means leaving behind many of our go to moisturizers, lotions, and cleansers. Our skin is exposed to a great deal of environmental stress without the aid of the routine its used to.

Mask treatments are a convenient, travel friendly skincare solution for a spa day anywhere in the world. Relax in your hotel after a long day of networking or treat yourself to a facial as the perfect end to a day of sightseeing.

Planning a beach getaway? Don't let the sun ruin your skin's idea of a good time. Soothing aloe and refreshing cucumber are great for reversing sun damage.

Travel can be hectic and stressful. Adding a few small moments here and there helps us practice self-care abroad while keeping our skin Instagram ready.

3.) The Dry, Dull, and Faded

If your skin falls on the dry side of the spectrum, staying hydrated is your number one priority. Lotions, moisturizers, and creams are a great morning or nightly tone up, however, infusing your skin with rich moisture calls for a DIY spa day.

Masks deliver vital nutrients directly to the skin cells. This allows us to restore youthful elasticity -- a key part of reversing UV ray damage. When it comes to hydration that's easy to absorb, feed your thirsty skin all natural, nourishing products that are free of harmful chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, and perfumes. These nasties can weigh your skin down and accelerate dryness and fade.

Coconut water is one of the best holistic skin secrets when it comes to a deep moisture treatment. Not only is coconut water readily absorbed into your pores, but this tropical treat works to replenish the skin's mineral balance. Coconut water is full of health benefits such as essential proteins, amino acids and cytokinin, a plant hormone which helps to reduce redness and irritation.

Cheers to soft, dewy skin and a refreshed you!

4.) The Sleeping Beauty

The majority of us run on less sleep than we need to stay healthy and radiant. Unfortunately, our skin is often the last to recover from a night out. A mask treatment is the midday power nap your tired out skin needs to reboot. Consider the benefit of routine under eye care for busy night owls.

When it comes to combating the effects of too many late nights, stick with an option that's rich in restorative ingredients like natural peptides, hyaluronic acid, squalene, rose water, and vitamin E. Studies indicate that the powerful antioxidant properties of essential nutrients such as vitamin E work to keep skin healthy and youthful. As we age, we lose more of our natural vitamin E production, meaning our skin may need an extra boost to stay awake.

Hyaluronic acid is also highly beneficial in delivering moisture beneath the surface of the skin. This supports fast repair of wrinkles, lines, and bags. Dullness and fade that may accompany a sleepless night is easily turned to glowing, soft, kissable skin after a quick 15 minute, no mess sheet mask in the morning.

Didn't quite get a full eight hours in? That's okay. Your skin won't tell.

5.) The Stressed Out Goddess

The illusion of flawless beauty starts with a serious at home wellness routine. Stress is a part of our lives and with it comes the power of acceptance. We embrace the things we cannot change and take daring strides to reach our goals. One thing you don't have to accept is stressed out skin!

Changes in our stress levels often create an imbalance, leaving skin red, inflamed, or patchy. This can be especially confusing when these sudden shifts deviate from our normal skin type -- just when we thought we'd cracked the code!

The good news is that fluctuation is normal. Give your skin a detox with purifying green tea extracts that deliver a boost of caffeine to refine, polish, and awaken. Think of this mask as your morning cup of coffee. It's comforting, familiar, and revitalizing, providing everything your skin needs to stay energized and balanced. With soothing vitamin E and botanical extracts, a facial detox is a must on days when the stress of life calls for a little extra indulgence.

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