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Simple Skincare Routine for Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles

The secret behind every princess (and prince!) with flawless skin is a royal routine that wakes up tired eyes, soothes puffiness, and revives dark circles for a happily ever after that's always on point. The life of a glam guru isn't always a fairy tale. From rushing to work to rushing home after a late night out, our skin often suffers from everyday stress and needs frequent self-care, just like the rest of us.

BioRepublic SkinCare knows the magic of a fabulous puffy eye and dark circle routine can take your days from dull to glowing. Best of all, quick, simple skincare routines are ideal for anyone's bustling schedule. Minimal and wholesome, just like our product philosophy, these skincare tips for puffy eyes and dark circles will awaken the royalty in us all.

Adjust Your Sleep Position

The princess and the pea may have been onto something; our sleeping position affects a lot more than quality sleep. A good night's rest and posture dramatically improves skincare. For a simple DIY puffy eye and dark circle remedy, try switching up your sleep position. If you're a side sleeper or a stomach sleeper, work on transitioning to sleeping flat on your back. While this age old trick may sound silly, sleeping on your back prevents fluid accumulation so you can truly capture the "I woke up like this" energy you've been searching for.

Having troubling shifting postures? Try an orthopedic pillow to achieve better neck and head support. Your joints, shoulders, and back will thank you along with your radiant face!

Chill Out with a Cold Compress

Host your own DIY spa day with a fresh, cold compress for puffy eyes and dark circles. Cucumber are a popular favorite, but tea bags are also a fabulous chilled at-home spa products for reducing the appearance of inflammation, fine lines, and discoloration. You might also try a simple gel cold pack to help constrict the blood vessels and minimize puffiness.

One of our favorite spa treats is a calming face mask for soothing redness, dark spots, and inflammation. Try BioRepublic's Sooth and Calm Organic Sheet Mask chilled for an extra boost of nourishing chamomile extract, detoxifying aloe vera, and exotic snow mushroom to restore youthful elasticity and natural radiance to the eye area. No spa booking required!

Focus on Health

We all know that certain foods cause bloating and water retention, but these diet ruining treats can also wreak havoc on your eye area. When looking to correct puffy eyes, avoid sodium dense foods. Salt is the number one culprit for water retention and can make your eyes appear tired, puffy, and dull. Consider cutting back on alcohol as well as sugary foods for optimal skincare perfection.

Replace the junk with fruits and vegetables that contain vitamins to improve skin, hair, and nails. These include delicious treats like mangoes, berries, grapefruit, avocado, and tomato. Even foods like almonds that are dense in vitamin E and rich in "healthy fats" will dramatically improve glow, shine, and clarity. Now is the perfect time refresh your cupboard along with your skin.

Schedule a Break for Your Skin

Go, go, go is the pace most modern day glamour gurus are used to. If you feel that you often don't have time to stick to a proper skincare routine, you're not alone. Most of us are working with limited glow up hours and a busy lifestyle that doesn't always allow for a luxurious at-home spa day. If you find yourself missing a few morning routines, remember not to stress about the details.

Show your skin some love during each little break throughout the day. Keep a Lost Baggage eye mask in your purse, gym bag, or even in your desk on days when your eyes could use a little extra 15 minute breather.

Self-Care for Better Skin

Skincare isn't simply about outside beauty. The right self-care routine is critical for looking and feeling amazing, inside and out.

Puffy eyes and dark circles are often the results of stress, lack of sleep, and poor blood circulation. Prevent dark circles and inflammation by practicing healthy self-care techniques. Yoga and meditation are great simply health strategies to add to your week. Even a brief restorative yoga session each night before bed will leave you waking up refreshed.

When it's time for more vigorous fitness options, jogging, walking, and even strength training are excellent tools for managing stress and opening up blood vessels for optimal skin health and beauty. When we're active, more oxygen flows through our system and fuels our daily activities. Prioritizing total body health and wellness is essential in promoting positive habits for ourselves and our skin.

Exfoliate, Then Hydrate

Approach your beauty routine with a plan. The key to targeting puffy eyes and dark circles is to address the root of the problem, which is often a combination of environmental pollutants clogging your delicate pores and lack of moisture to nourish, color correct, and rejuvenate your dewy glow.

Attack both problems at once with an Extra Exfoliation Organic Sheet Mask followed by a Deep Hydration treatment or Bright and Glowing formula. This combination is ideal for relaxing after a long day, restoring damaged and dull post-vacation skin, and simply as a fabulous recipe for pampering -- no reason needed!

Plan a full mask rotation three times a week for optimal results. A Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule is a good start to healthier, more radiant skin. On weeks when your sleep routine hasn't been the greatest, go ahead and indulge yourself. It's fine to make up for what you're lacking in sleep with a little extra luxury and care. After all, even royalty has their off days. Kick up your feet, lay back, and enjoy the enriching splendor of all natural, cruelty free ingredients to nourish, protect, and bring out your best skin yet.

Curious about your unique skin type? Let our experts help tailor a skincare routine to your personal sense of beauty. Take the quiz and find out what products are best for you.

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